Centre Spatial de Liège

CSL is among the world-leading institutes for space technology research and testing. Specialized in optics, most of the CSL activities are focussed on applications and payloads involving optical elements, detectors, metrology and space-testing equipments.

Being a Research Center of the University of Liege, CSL is in direct contact with networks of various competencies, making it an efficient partner for a wide range of research and technology projects.

Being also deeply involved with industrial partnerships, CSL offers a set of various services for space industry but also for local and European industry, using the equipments and the know-how acquired for space activities. Ranging from pure R&D consultancy to customized development projects, or testing of equipments, CSL is your potential partner for a lot of applications.

CSL is also hosting academic researchers, with several PhDs, internships, trainings and associated students.