Selected in the Operational Programme INTERREG IV-A Euregio-Maas-Rijn

The project aims to develop a network of expertise in the fields of microtechnology applied to new products for biomedicine.

Convergence of nanoscience and life sciences is a strategic way in the development of new technologies to improve medicine, particularly by progress in diagnosis.  Working at same scales, and sometimes meeting the same laws, it is natural that nanotechnology joins biological sciences to form what is called nanobiotechnology.  In addition, major similarities exist between these different disciplines, namely the high level of quality, (bio) compatibility concern, security level, required standards and regulations, quality price ratio and methods effectiveness. 

The partners will develop a lab-on-a-chip demonstrator (design and realization of a low-cost, automated and highly sensitive diagnostic system) for the immunological detection of human diseases, in the framework of the in vitro diagnosis.  Through a high level of automation and ease of use, the aim is to provide clinicians with a faster and more sensitive way to diagnose multiple pathogens in parallel (multiplexing of the detection capabilities), therefore eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming laboratory testing. This will result in shorter reaction times and a better, more specific treatment for patients. 

To achieve this goal, experts from a wide range of fields, including molecular biology, medicine, biophotonics and micro & nano production technology derived and originating from the Euregio, will cooperate in this project to develop a solution which will be biologically functional, medically relevant and economically viable for mass production. 

MICROBIOMED stake is therefore to position the Euregio as a region of technological excellence in the fields of microtechnology applied to biomedicine, in benefit of its industries in front of the convergent technologies challenge.