Institute for Materials Research

IMOMEC Hasselt

IMOMEC is an associated laboratory of IMEC located at the campus of the Hasselt University (UHasselt). There exists a strong collaboration between IMOMEC and IMO, the Institute for Materials Research of the UHasselt. Research at IMO/IMOMEC is focused within the following research domains: electrical characterization and reliability, plastic electronics, wide band gap materials, metal oxide nanomaterials and biosensors.

IMOMEC follows a twofold route towards the development of affinity biosensors based on impedimetric readout techniques. First, conjugated polymer films are used as immobilization platforms for immunoglobulins to detect e.g. proteins as characteristic disease markers and also as immobilization platform for molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs), used for the small-molecule detection. Second, thin coatings of nanocrystalline diamond serve as platforms for single-stranded DNA fragments, aiming at reusable genetic assays with an electronic readout rather than the established, fluorescence-based optical techniques.