Technifutur, a center of expertise in the Walloon Region, is a non-profit organization located in the Liège area. It was set up to aid local development. Technifutur performs the various roles conferred on it by official approval in the following areas:

  • assembly,
  • production automation,
  • mechatronics,
  • maintenance,
  • information and communication technologies (ICT),
  • microtechnologies.

As well as training, Technifutur also plays a technology watch and awareness-raising role relating to the industries, qualifications and technical subjects taught.

Technifutur is open to everyone. It welcomes a wide range of users and participates in training jobseekers, in the specialization of final-year students and in the continuing training of personnel from companies and of teachers. Gender equality is a constant priority.

The public sector, private sector and social partners are all represented within Technifutur's structure. Organizations involved include FOREM, the Ministry of Employment and Training of the Walloon Region, the University of Liège, Agoria, the CSC and the FGTB.

Technifutur is supervised by a Guidance Council consisting of 41 companies and research centers, which approve its strategic choices.