The 2012 Breast Cancer Symposium is a two-and-a-half-day multidisciplinary meeting for breast cancer clinicians and other oncology team members who treat and care for patients with breast cancer. This year’s Symposium will focus on taking the latest scientific results in the field and bringing them into the clinic for practical application.

Edited by : GIGA, Aline Lausberg

The interest in molecular markers for cancer is growing stronger and is a critical component of personalized therapy. Cancer biomarkers serve many uses, from early detection to differential diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring.

Significant advances in the field of biomedical engineering over the last few years have increased the standard of medical care to an incomparabel

Biomedica, the European Life Sciences Summit, was held in Liège on the 18th and 19th of April. This interdisciplinary congress fosters cooperation between institutes and the industry in the Top Technology Region (Belgium, Germany and Netherlands).

In March 2012, L1 channel made a presentation of the Hematology Department of the University Hospital of Maastricht headed by Gerard Bos in order to highlight its involvement in the MicroBioMed project.

Edited by : AZM-MUMC+, Gerard Bos


On the 18th of November 2011, MicroBioMed project took part in the conference organized for the 35th anniversary of EMR and the 20th anniversary of INTERREG, in C-mine Genk. Morning workshops focused on the new EU2020 strategy and subsequent initiatives for innovation, youth, employment and industry. The present and future of EMR and INTERREG were discussed during the afternoon academic session. The final networking drink allowed participants to get to know each other and to exchange their experiences.

Approximately one out of ten women in Europe is concerned with breast cancer. The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are among countries with the highest incidence rate. Current screening methods have proven themselves to be efficient but also to detect only late stage cancers. With the support of Interreg, MicroBioMed project aims at developing a new, early-stage and rapid diagnostic tool.